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CLG2035G C series

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  • Specifications
  • Features & Benefits
Capacity @ 500 mm LC 3,500 kg
Fuel Type Dual: Gas/LPG
Engine PSI Non-certified 4G64/ 2.40 L
  • Operator Safety and Comfort
      Spacious ergonomically designed operating environment.
      Standard suspension seat, and optional Grammar vibration reducing seat both good for vibration reduction.
      Cushioning and lift cylinder used to reduce shock and provide stability and comfort.
      Operator compartment is supported on rubber isolators which reduce engine noise and vibration transmitted to the operator.
      Seat side hydraulic control levers.
  • Reliability
      Waterproof electrical connectors with rubber sealing.
      Parts and Service you can count on.
      World class suppliers of key components.
  • Easy to Maintain
      Distribution valve cover easy to open to perform inspections and maintenance.
  • Built for Efficiency
      Air vent positioned on top of machine ensures clean air used for operation improving efficiency and engine life.
      Balance weight design allows for excellent cooling capacity.
      Long life LED rear lights save energy.
      Fork overhang of 494/ 520mm, with strong carrying capacity.
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