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It is natural for any machine to experience wear and tear over a period of time after usage. While replacement parts are openly available in the market, LiuGong Machinery Asia Pacific Pte Ltd firmly recommends the use of genuine replacement and spare parts from us to get better, more efficient performances from your machines.

Genuine LiuGong spare parts are the most suitable parts for your machine ensuring fuel economy, efficiency, durability and safety to the minute detail as they are manufactured according to the specifications of your machines.

Original spare parts are more durable and are of higher quality than non-originals parts, therefore the lifespan is longer.

Genuine LiuGong spare parts are competitively priced, have a longer lifespan than non-original parts, non-original parts do not carry any warranty and machine breakdown due to incompatible parts can occur with non-original parts. Therefore using genuine LiuGong spares parts is the better value for you and your bottom line.

LiuGong Machinery Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has more than US$2 Million worth of spare parts stored in our Singapore warehouse and with its trained and experienced personnel, we are able to provide you prompt service with high customer satisfaction.

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