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项目 Item     CLG6122E
质量载荷参数     Mass   工作质量(kg)                  Operating Mass 22000
    振动轮分配质量(kg)                  Mass On Vibrating Drum 11000
    驱动桥分配质量(kg)                   Mass On Drive Axle 11000
    振动轮静线载荷(N/cm)                 Front Drum Static Linear Load  506
压实机构参数Compaction   振动频率 (Hz)                  Vibration Frequency 28/33
    名义振幅(mm)                  Nominal Amplitude 2.0/1.3
    激振力(kN)                   Centrifugal Force 400/290 
    振动轮直径(mm)                      Drum Diameter 1600
    振动轮宽度(mm)                      Drum Width 2130
    振动轮轮圈厚度(mm)                   Drum Thickness 45
机动性能参数    Drive   行驶速度  Ⅰ档(km/h)                   1st Maximum Speed,fwd 2.7
    行驶速度  Ⅱ档(km/h)                   2nd Maximum Speed,fwd 5.2
    行驶速度  Ⅲ档(km/h)                   3rd Maximum Speed,fwd 11
    行驶速度  Ⅳ档(km/h)                   4th Maximum Speed,fwd \
    理论爬坡能力(%)             Theoretical Gradeability 30
    最小离地间隙(mm)                    Min. Ground Clearance 450
    轴距(mm)                           Wheelbase 3230
    转向角度(°)                   Steering Angle ±35
    摇摆角度(°)                       Swing angle ±10
    最小转弯外半径(mm)                   Min. Outside Turning Radius 7000
    轮胎规格                        Tyre Type 23.5-25-16PR
    轮胎气压(kPa)                       Tyre Pressure 300-330
    整机长度(mm)                      Overall Length 6450
    整机宽度(mm)                     Overall Width 2340
    整机高度(mm)                      Overall Height 3050
发动机参数     Engine   品牌                          Brand 上柴 Shangchai
    型号                          Model SC8D180.3G2B1
    排放                        Emission Regulation Ⅱ阶段 TierⅡ
    额定功率(kW)                       Rated Power 132
    额定转速(r/min)                       Rated Rotation Speed 1800
    理论油耗(g/kW.h)                Theoretical Fuel Consumption 223
    最大扭矩(N.m)                        Max. Torque 720
    气缸数量                      Number of Cylinders 6
    排量(L)                    Displacement 8.27
    进气方式                  Aspiration 废气涡轮增压Turbocharged
    冷却方式                     Cooling Type 水冷 Water
液压件参数Hydraulic 行走泵 Travel Pump 品牌                           Brand \
    型号                          Model \
    排量(mL)                         Displacement \
  振动泵Vibrating Pump 品牌                              Brand Danfoss
    型号                                Model 90R055
    排量(mL)                       Displacement 55
  行走马达Travel Motor 品牌                               Brand \
    型号                         Model \
    排量(mL)                        Displacement \
  振动马达Vibrating Motor 品牌                                Brand Danfoss
    型号                            Model 90M055
    排量(mL)          Displacement 55
  减速机Reduction Gear 品牌                         Brand \
    型号                          Model \
    速比                    Reduction Ratio \
驱动桥           Drive Axle   品牌                            Brand 柳工 Liugong
    型号                              Model 50C
容积参数        Volume   蓄电池(V/Ah)                        Battery 24/200
    发电机(V/A)                         Alternator 28/55
    后桥(L)                                      Rear Axle 24
    振动室(L)                                Vibrating Housing 2.7×2
    燃油箱(L)                                Fuel Tank 285
    液压油箱(L)                            Hydraulic Oil Tank 120
    发动机油(L)                        Engine Oil 19
    变速箱或变矩器(L)                Transimission/Torque Converter 14.5
    冷却液(L)                           Coolant 32
    轮胎加水(L)                        Tyre Wetting 700×2
    前梁配重(T)                          Weight on Front Axle \
    后梁配重(T)                           Weight on Rear Axle \
凸块参数      Padfoot   凸块厚度(mm)                     Padfoot Thickness 18
    凸块高度(mm)                     Padfoot Height 80
    单个凸块单位面积(c㎡)                 Unit Area of Per Padfoot 125
    接地面积(c㎡)                   Grounding Area 748
    凸块数量(个)                      Number of Padfoot 132
    凸块总重量(kg)                     Gross Weight of Padfoot 1463
  • Built for Efficiency
      Dual-frequency technology improves compaction in various conditions.
      High compaction force and great excitation force.
      Attractive useful vibration paramenters.40mm thick steel drum with powerful compaction.
      Large 285L gas tank ensures over 16 hours nonstop operation.
      High heat dispersion radiator with parallel design wing structure.
      Designed for powerful efficient soil compaction.
      Meets EU stage II/EPA tier 2 emission requirements.
  • Ease of Maintenance
      Easy engine access and lots of maintenance space.
      Front wheel bump cover is easy to change based on working conditions.
  • Reliable
      Advanced reliable Shangchai engine.
       World-class parts used increases reliability and performance.
      Engine cover designed for providing noise reduction, clear rear view and easy maintenance.
      Sauer plunger pump and hydraulic motor provides world-class performance and reliability Parts and service you can count on.
      LiuGong loader axle installed with low failure rate, easy repair and operate, widely used fitting and reliable.
  • Operator Comfort
      Foot and hand throttle both available for use.
       Vibration absorption units produced by Zhuzhou Times provide excellent performance and safe comfortable operation.
      Sound reducing cab with LiuGong patented roll over safety features.
      Clear 360 degree view.
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