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  • Specifications
  • Features & Benefits
Capacity @ 500 mm LC 2,500 kg
Fuel Type Electric
Controller SME
  • Built for Efficiency
      Fully hydraulic power steering for stable maneuvering.
      Designed with low center of gravity and high overall stability.
      AC motor and drive control match to increase production efficiency.
  • Easy to Maintain
      LCD monitor gives valuable status information, fault codes, and maintenance assistance.
      Easy battery access and key components conveniently placed.
      Steering wheel and pedals moveable to access maintenance points.
  • Reliability
      Sealed waterproof connectors and all copper wiring.
      Parts and service you can count on.
      World class suppliers of key components.
  • Operator Safety and Comfort
      Operator present induction system(OPS ) stops machine if operator is not seated safely.
      Ergonomically designed seating, steering wheel and placement of control instruments.
      Low noise hydraulic system. 
      Wide angle rearview mirror for good visibility.
      Seat side hydraulic control levers.
      Directional control switch mounted on the lift lever.
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